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28-Sep-2017 08:48

However, his latest pearls of wisdom on marriage might very well his absolute best piece of advice.

But a reporter getting married in 9 days asked @Coach_Leach for wedding advice tonight, and Leach’s answer was incredible. 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/alh Oi Wd9Tv — Aaron Levine (@Aaron Q13Fox) November 22, 2017 Washington State head coach Mike Leach always has a wonderful way with words on a myriad of topics such as candy corn, how he protects his home, and online dating.

There’s no answer that you give that’s going to be satisfactory or correct. I said, ‘I don’t know, but here’s the menu.’ Seems to me we got some kind of bacon hamburger thing. “The Bamboo Hut was a middle of the day thing that was open from like 11 to 3 or something like that.

And if you successfully please a few of them, a few others will be ‘Oh, well I just don’t feel like he’s that interested.’ So you need to work late, go in the back room and read a lot of books, take the groomsmen out so you make sure that they march in just right, and they know exactly, you know these swell outfits that you picked out, or however you’re doing it. You need to find excuses that they’ll buy to be as far out of harm’s way as you possibly can.” This isn’t the first time Leach has talked given love life advice in the past. That was a Joe Salave’a kind of place.” He also added this about dating in Pullman, Wash.: “I would go to Black Cypress if you really want to make a good impression,” Leach said via the newspaper.

’ ‘Alright, the blue ones.’ ‘Well I kind of like the tan ones’ — ‘OK the tan ones then.’ ‘Oh you’re jut saying that because you want this over, you’re not even thinking about it’ — which is, of course, true. ’ ‘I was thinking strawberry shortcake.’ ‘Oh, OK, strawberry shortcake would be good. ’ ‘Well I like the blueberry pie, we could have the blueberry pie’ — ‘Well I thought you wanted to have the strawberry shortcake?!

’” “And it’s just gonna go back and forth, and they’re just going to play keep away from you until after you’re married. “Then there was a Polynesian food place called the Bamboo Hut but that was closed at that point,” Leach continued.

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The first suggestion was across the border in Idaho: "Try to have somewhere where there's not salad, because girls will try to show off and act like all they eat is salad, so try to put them somewhere where they're in a position where they have to put real food in their mouth." "Went to A&W, had just finished a rugby game, went to A&W, had a coupon book, she said 'what are you getting? But if you want to zero in on one or two, break out the coupon book, saw off the weak right off the top so you can get down the path to find the right one." Leach's advice on technology was a little darker than his anti-salad rants.